Who we are

A Custom Manufacturing Company

MPCTech was formed ITEQ Vietnam which company has been established from in 2008 at Tan Binh IP in Viet Nam and had a fully experiences from sheet metal forming from Mother company in Netherlands and well-know trainer in Netherlands help our team growing their experiences.
Our key partners come from Industrial automation, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Our service offerings include Sheet metal forming, Frame/Fixture fabrication with surface finishing to customers who come from Electrical/Semi-con equipment industries. The goal is to provide you a completed product in-house with better cost, better lead time and better quality control.
Whether you want to switch a part of your production to South East Asia, contact us today. We will help you to make it happen.

What it's like to work with us

Through the Numbers

50+ people

  • Design: 6
  • Sheet metal forming: 20
  • Frame/Fixture fab:  8
  • Powder coating: 20
  • Anodizing/Alodine coating: 40
  • Quality Control: 12
  • Administration: 10

More than 10 years experience

We have been in the business for more than 10 years, has been served for European, American and Domestic clients in many industries. We have a well-skills person who have been trained in Iteq Netherland who have already been experiences making the products that you need. This helps shortening communication time and ensuring doing things right the first time.


3,000 M2 factory area

  • Sheet metal forming: 1,800 M2


03 days lead time (Low volume)

We have a flexible system can adapt with low quantities of parts very quickly. Typical volume can be a few to a few dozen pieces.

Our key Clients and Partners

Let's work together

We help companies diversify their supply chain with end-to-end sheetmetal/frame/manufacturing services. How can we help you?
Company Profile
Company Name MPCTECH JSC
Founded April 4 , 2022
Capital $700.000
Managing Director Bui Tan Khoa
Number of Employees 50+